Indian Textile Accessories Manufacturers Association


Dear Members,

Please Go thru this Four Advertisement format, and select the Ad Format you prefer to add in Association website to reach Textile Mills and Dealers.

(1) One Page Advertisement

Visit The Sample Web Page Advertisement

Rs.2000-00 Per Year Plus ( Page Creating Fees Rs.500-00-One Time Fees Only ) ( Total-Rs.2500-00 )

(2) Linking Your Website Fees- Rs.2000-00 per year

Link under member address

(3) Rotating Banner Advertisement

Placing Banner Ad Fees. Rs.1000-00 Per Year


Banner Size



( Banner Image Should Be Provided by Advertiser)

(4) Inline Advertisement

Advertised Under Members Directory Listing


Rs.500-00 Per Year For Description Of Products Only.

Rs.750-00 Per Year For Description of Products with Image.

Please visit Association Office for any clarification.