Indian Textile Accessories Manufacturers Association



Manufacturers and Suppliers Of Textile Mill Spares.

  • G 5/1 Ring Frame Six Row Creel Conversion
  • All Short Ring Frame Creel Conversion
  • Eli Twist Creel Conversion
  • Ring Rail Conversion From Cast Iron To Sheet Metal
  • Aluminium Ring Holder Conversion
  • Apron Tension Fork Conversion
  • ABC Ring Frame Conversion for all types of Ring Frames LR 6 Model
  • G 5/1 Ring Frame ABC Ring Conversion similiar to LR 6
  • Seperator Conversion
  • All Non Standard Spares
  • Simplex Creel Conversion 3,4 Rows to 6 and 7 Rows
  • All Simplex Machine Creel Conversion similar to LF 1400-A Model
  • Poker Rod Conversion With Teflon Bushes
  • Modified Lappets short Body and Long Body with Lappet Hooks Electro Less Plated 0.8 to 3.5 mm Eye Hole
  • Skewers To Bobbin Holder Conversion
  • Simplex Back roving Guide Clamps
  • Carding Flat Cleaning system of Trumac and Trutzschler DK 740, DK 780, DK 803, DK 903, TC 03, TC 06 Card Series and Rieter C 4 and C 50 Card Series.
  • Jockey Pulley Conversion LR Type to Short Frame
  • LR G 5/1 and LR 6 Ring Frame Spares on Catalogue Basis.

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